Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sunday Brunch

Sunday brunch cocktails are a must. Usually I reach for a classic Bloody Mary (garnished with pickled okra and green beans) but Beach Brunch requires a little more panache. In the midst of my fruit-blending craze, I blitzed up a peach puree (made with fresh Chilton Co. peaches, of course) moistened with a bit of Triple Sec. Poured into ten flutes and topped with sparkling wine, the result was a beachy peachy beverage the precise color of a Gulf Coast sunrise. That was last week.

Alabama Peach Bellinis
Makes 10 drinks

1 bottle champagne or sparkling white wine
6 fresh peaches
3 tablespoons Triple Sec
Cut peaches in half and remove pits. Place peach halves in blender and blend on high for at least one minute, or until peaches are fully pulverized. Strain into a container, pushing on pulp with a wooden spoon to extract the juice. Divide into ten champagne glasses, then top with sparkling wine.

Today, my aunt prepared a verdant beverage called "Missionary's Downfall." This one was as pretty as it was potent, and lives up to its name. The family first tasted these at my cousin's bridal shower, and no one remembers the presents.

Missionary's Downfall
Makes 6 generous servings

1 small can of limeade
lots of young Kentucky mint leaves, 3 or 4 handfuls
1 limeade can of vodka
1 blender full of ice

Blend ingredients on high til green throughout and ice is crushed. Pour and serve! Also fabulous for Derby parties.

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